Nuvsvåg is a formerly very active fishing village. The people who lived here mostly did fishing and small farms. Nuvsvåg used to be called Nuvsfjord. This led to some difficulties with post-delivery since Nuvfjord also was a place in Lofoten. So to make sure there was no more mix-ups they change the name from Nuvsvfjord to Nuvsvåg.
Nuvsvåg has many similarities to Lofoten. Surrounded be high mountains and great fishing just outside the doorstep.
The village was growing until the late 70’s and had a population of about 400 people. The village had an active fish farm, two grocery stores, a gas station, a building products company, a school with over 70 students, kindergarten and over 50 fishing boats.

In 1985 we got ferries and daily departures to the «mainland”

Me and Ann-Mari lived in Alta but wanted the low pace life we had weekends in Nuvsvåg full time.
When the opportunity came and the shop was up for sale we jumped at this opportunity
And so little Christmas Eve 2007 we bought the store and moved into the apartment above the store.

in 2012, the municipality of Loppa closed the school in the village.
This led to a crisis and we needed to decide to move away from Nuvsvåg or stay put.
We decided to stay and together with Ørjan`s parents, bought the closed school /apartment 3-7), the closed kindergarten (House 8) and the empty teacher’s residence (apartment 1 & 2).

Here we were able to create a product that showcases our great place and the wonderfully rich nature.
We are allowed to meet new and exciting people who come to experience fantastic Nuvsvåg and Lopphavet.


You are welcome.